Aiou Solved Assignments Ma Islamic Studies | Spring 2024

In this blog, we will provide with you  Aiou Solved Assignments Ma Islamic Studies in 2024.

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Aiou Solved Assignments MA Islamic Studies 1st Semester

Code Book/Subject 1 2
4611 Usool Tafsir and History of Tafsir D1 D2
4612 Study of Quran Hakim D1 D2
4621 Usool, History of Hadith Hand Textual Study D1 D2
4622 Textual Study of Hadith D1 D2


Aiou Solved Assignments MA Islamic Studies 2nd Semester

Code Book/Subject 1 2
4601 Islamic History – I D1 D2
4602 Islamic History – II D1 D2
4631 Study of Fiqh D1 D2
4632 Study of Texts of Islamic Fiqh D1 D2
4639 Arabic Language & Literature (Quran & Hadith) D1 D2


Aiou Solved Assignment Islamic Studies 3rd Semester

Code Book Name No 1 No 2
2621 Dawa Wa Irshad
2622 History Of Islamic Thought & Islamic Sciences D1 D2
2624 Islamic And Western Civilization & Thought in Historic Perspective D1 D2
2625 Islamic Economic System D2
2626 Islamic Ethics and Tasawuf D1
2627 Islamic Movements in Contemporary Era D1 D2


4613 Ulum-Al-Quran – I D1 D2
4614 Ulum-Al-Quran – II D1 D2
4615 Evolution of Tafseer – I
4616 Evolution of Tafseer – II D1 D2
4617 Fiqh Al Quran – I D1 D2
4618 Fiqh Al Quran – II D1 D2


4633 Introduction of Islamic Sharia D1 D2
4635 Procedural Law of Islam D1 D2
4636 Wasail-E-Isbat and Ehtisab in Islamic Law D1 D2
4637 Criminal Law of Islam (Crimes & Hudood) D1 D2
4638 Islamic Law of Qasas, Diat & Tazirat D1 D2
4596 Islamic Law Zakat-O- Ashar D1 D2


4623 Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith – I D1 D2
4624 Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith – II D1 D2
4625 History of Hadith Literature – I D1 D2
4626 History of Hadith Literature – II D1 D2
4627 Textual Study of Hadith – I D1 D2
4628 Textual Study of Hadith – II D1 D2


                       3 (Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Spring 2024
Assignment No 1 / Due Date
Assignment No 2 / Due Date
Examination Month November 2023


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