Aiou Matric Solved Assignment Spring 2022 Download Pdf

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                6 Credit Aiou Matric Solved                                      Assignment Spring 2022

Code Book Name            1            2           3           4
    200 Selling Of Home-Made Products          D1           D2 D3 D4
    201 Islamiat          D1           D2 D3 D4
    202 Pakistan Studies          D1           D2 D3 D4
    203 General Science          D1           D2 D3 D4
    204 Urdu For Daily Use          D1           D2 D3 D4
    215 Education          D1           D2 D3 D4
    257 Fruit Production          D1           D2 D3 D4
    205 Arabic          D1           D2 D3 D4
    209 General Home Economics          D1           D2 D3 D4
    219 Home And Farm Operations Managements          D1           D2 D3 D4
   240 Quran-e-Hakeem           D1           D2 D3 D4
    241 Islamic Fiqh D1           D2 D3 D4
    251 Ethics (For Non-Muslim) D1           D2 D3 D4


            6 Credit Hours Book Assignment                            Submission Date Spring 2023

Assignment No 1  04-12-2023
Assignment No 2  28-12-2023
Assignment No 3  29-01-2024
Assignment No  16-02-2024
Expected Exam Month March 2024


Code Book Name No 1 No 2
206 Family Health and Care
207 Compulsory English – I D1 D2
217 Food And Nutrition D1 D2
218 First Aid – I D1 D2
221 Compulsory English – II D1 D2
222 Applied Food & Nutrition
242 Seerat-e-Tayyaba
247 Mathematics – I (Urdu) D1 D2
248 Mathematics – II (Urdu) D1 D2
252 Lab Techniques in Physics ? D2
258 Lab Techniques in Chemistry ?
259 Lab Techniques in Biology
260 Information Technology Basics (Urdu)


           3 Credit Hours Book Assignment                            Submission Date Autumn 2023

Assignment No 1  28-12-2023
Assignment No 2  16-02-2024
Expected Exam Month March 2024

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