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Aiou MSC Sociology Assignments 1st Semester 2024

Code Book/Subject D1 D2
4681 Culture and Society D1 D1
4682 Sociological Theory-I D1 D2
4683 Methods of Social Research: Research Process D1 D2
4684 Population Studies


MSC Sociology 2nd Semester in 2024

Code Book Name 1 2
4686 Social Change and Social Institutions
4687 Sociological Theory-II
4688 Tools of Data Collection
4689 Social Statistics


MSC Sociology 3rd Semester in 2024

Code Course/Subject D1 D2
4691 Sociology of Deviance: Theoretical Explanation ? ?
4692 Deviance, Social Control & Issue of Delinquency D1 D2
4693 Sociology of Development Meanings & Explanation D1 D2
4694 Issues in Development D1 D2


MSC Sociology 4th Semester in 2024

Code Course/Subject D1 D2
5639 Social Psychology-I D1 D2
5640 Social Psychology-II D1 D2
4696 Introduction to Social Work:

Methods in Social Work

D1 D2
4697 Fields of Social Work D1 D2


                 3 Credit Hours Book Assignment Submission Date Spring 2024
Assignment No 1 
Assignment No 2 
Examination Expected Date November 2024

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