AIOU MSc Gender and Women Studies Solved Assignments 2024-Free Download

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On this Page, you will get MSc Gender and Women Studies solved assignments of aiou in 2024. These assignments are available with multiple codes. To download assignments links are available down below.

MSc Gender & Women Studies 1st Semester

Code Course/Subject No 1 No 2
4641 Psychology of Gender
4642 Psychology of Women –II D1 D2
4643 Women in Pakistani Literature – I D1 D2
4644 Women in Pakistani Literature – II D1 D2

MSc Gender & Women Studies Assignments 2nd Semester

Code Course/Subject D1 D2
4645 Research Methods in Gender Studies-I
4646 Applied Statistics in Gender Studies D1 D2
4647 Feminist Debates on Gender Inequalities ? ?
4648 Feminism and Islam D1 D2
4682 Sociological Theory I D1 D2


                       3 Credit Hours Book Assignment Submission Date Spring 2023
Assignment No 1 / Due Date
Assignment No 2 / Due Date
Examination November 2023

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